Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something is Happening

I used to carry my Pentax K100 around with me pretty much everywhere to take pictures of the things I did and the people I was with. Then my camera broke and I didn't have the money to fix it or get another one so I just started to use my phone to take the same kind of pictures. I realized it was a lot better suited to the kind of images I was taking and the settings I was in - it was faster, more discreet and the images were easier to share. I realized my relationship to my phone camera was changing, it had become an art making tool for me. For this show and my book I went through all the photographs I had taken with my Iphone over the last year and a half, over 5000 images, and whittled them down to the 22 images in the book and then from that the 2 I wanted to print and hang. It was interesting to go through the different edits of the images until I got to my final one because I had taken each image in a very different setting and context but somehow together they all made sense and conveyed a certain feeling.
These are the images I hung in the show

Good Girls Gone Bad

This image perfectly sums up why I love Cher, why she is "goals", but also why I don't understand her relationship with Sonny Bono at all. Ann and I were really interested in the power dynamics in their relationship, Cher is a young, beautiful, Native woman who meets Sonny when she's 17 and Sonny is this really creepy (at least to us) seeming 27 year old who has no talent but a lot of connections. To us it seemed very clear that He was taking advantage of her and that she should have been the star.
In our sound piece we wanted to use the song "I Got You Babe" and take it out of it's very pop sound and reimagine it in the avant-garde tradition of John Cage and LaMonte Young. For the sound of our piece I was thinking a lot about the Cocteau Twins - how their music moves beyond language at many points. I wanted this piece to do some of that work, to feel like a trance, to resist comprehension and instead to elicit an emotional and physical response.

John Cage and La Monte Young came in with how we chose to exhibit the piece. We wanted to disrupt the ways you normally listen to music, which can be this very isolated act, and force a connection. This started by taking everyone to the stairwell of the wellness center,everyone was on a different level visually and aurally which made the group listening experience strange and disorienting. I'm interested in our music and listening is effected by the space that it happens in. We had everyone play the song from their phones at the same time, though it was off (which I liked better) so that when listening you'd experience different levels of reverberation, resonance, and dissonance.
Here's the piece, try to find some other people with computers or phones to listen to it with!

Here's some footage of me and Annie rehearsing