Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something is Happening

I used to carry my Pentax K100 around with me pretty much everywhere to take pictures of the things I did and the people I was with. Then my camera broke and I didn't have the money to fix it or get another one so I just started to use my phone to take the same kind of pictures. I realized it was a lot better suited to the kind of images I was taking and the settings I was in - it was faster, more discreet and the images were easier to share. I realized my relationship to my phone camera was changing, it had become an art making tool for me. For this show and my book I went through all the photographs I had taken with my Iphone over the last year and a half, over 5000 images, and whittled them down to the 22 images in the book and then from that the 2 I wanted to print and hang. It was interesting to go through the different edits of the images until I got to my final one because I had taken each image in a very different setting and context but somehow together they all made sense and conveyed a certain feeling.
These are the images I hung in the show

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